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The marriage contract

The marriage contract

You will quickly aware of the economic realities of life in both.It will furnish and equip housing, the money to meet the household expenses, putting the savings.The Civil Code does not hesitate to qualify the household "conjugal association".Is it not better to start by resolving the operation?
The key issue at the time of marriage, material, of course, is the work that spouses plan to exercise.
What is the nature employee, liberal trade?
Both spouses work there, or is it husband?
Should separate interests and preserve the independence of each, taking into account the risks to the vagaries of business, or on the contrary everything in common?

Then one day, as late as possible, the marriage will end.It is well known that the law does not provide sufficient protection to the surviving spouse. Is it not advisable, regardless of donations that spouses will not fail to make a little later, some marital benefits that may be stipulated in the marriage contract?

Fortunately, spouses, many in France who marry without a contract are not delivered to anarchy.Law has statute: the legal regime of community of property of acquisitions, established in 1965 and regarded as best suited to the aspirations of many of our citizens and that they are marriage.

But the situations are becoming more frequent, and spouses are often forced to consider other schemes.They have an almost total freedom, the reference to a foreigner is even possible if it is not contrary to mandatory rules of our law.The only constraint imposed on them is to contract before a notary.

The Civil Code provides some models: the separation of property, participation of acquisitions, the universal community, which cover a fairly wide range of contingencies. We propose here to discuss, through case fairly common species in the notarial practice.

Can I change my plan during Matrimonial marriage?

The famous principle of immutability of matrimonial agreements has been significantly eased by the law of 13 July 1965.It is now possible to change the matrimonial regime or even to completely change during the marriage provided that:
- 2 years have elapsed since the marriage if it is the original scheme, or since the last change if it is not the first,
- The change is motivated by the interests of the family and does not constitute a fraud on the rights of third parties, creditors, for example,
- The act constituting the change of regime is established by a notary and subject to the approval of the High Court, acting in terms graceful as its order is outside any litigation,
- Various measures are carried Advertising Journal legal notices, various references to marital status, in the commercial register on the sidelines of the previous contract etc.). Video:Madonna Marriage Contract

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