Monday, December 1, 2008

Who pays what?

Who pays what?

Formerly it was customary for parents of the girl bear all expenses, costs for marriage today are generally divided and need to manage as follows:
The bride and her family:

The dress,
The toilet of the bride and all accessories,
The holding of the procession of children,
The location of the vehicle transporting the bride,
The trousseau of the bride,
The floral decoration.

The bridegroom and his family:

The holding of married
The bouquet of the bride and children's parade,
Honeymoon, and possibly the gift
the bride at the wedding (the bride basket).


The reception,
The religious ceremony,
The announcements,
The photographer,
LGifts possible witnesses, costs may
a marriage contract and all other costs ... Video:Dr. Gary Chapman on The Marriage You've Always Wanted

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