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Weddings And Marriages Magazines

Weddings And Marriages Magazines

But when you look at their prices and their numbers build up on the corner of a cabinet, this is where you realize that the industry (very) lucrative marriage has struck again .In our portfolio!
One might think they are exceeded, since today, with the Internet, you can access thousands of sources of inspiration without the slightest under. However, the appeal of the glossy, color, ideas, but also the advice they are still popular! Not to mention they can be trimballer everywhere, leafing time lost, even in the absence of a computer and especially, ESPECIALLY, they are cuttable!
Some, like me, will be unable to put a pair of scissors ... I look for when I get them to duplicate at the lowest possible price. A copy to flick and keep intact. A second copy for tinkering without feeling guilty!
I am here stands a small list of magazines that I have at home. I bought some, others have been kindly provided by a new bride (I can never thank you enough Sophiea!), Which no longer needed for his own. But my preferred method is to gather in the halls of the bride, which often gives you several free magazines. This is not a complete list of everything you can buy in kiosks, but it will give you a good idea! If you have other titles to suggest, please do the business!

Where can you buy your magazines? Almost everywhere in fact ... Often at the grocery store or at the corner store, you can find the best sellers. At the pharmacy, the section is often more elaborate. And if you move from a bookseller, a record store or a place in specialized journals from around the world, you will find, for sure! Keep your eyes open!
The journals of Quebec
Promis, I will return shortly with a description of each, but for the moment, the duty calls me elsewhere ...
Mariage Quebec
Wedding Bells
Marions Us
Elegant Wedding
Perfect Match Marriage Montreal
The journals of Canada
Today's bride - Always $ 1
The journals of the United States
Brides Brides
Brides, it is the bible in matters of marriage in the United States.They write themselves: they are the No. 1 world with regard to the magazine of marriage. You will find everything: ideas dresses, makeup, hairstyles ... New trends, the mix of colors, the new cuts in fashion gowns for ladies of honour ... Photos of bouquets ... Some gift ideas, ideas for invitations, ideas for the register of marriage ... Some advice, of course, everything in general and more specifically on the label. Senior sections being identified, found it easier, however. The magazine is available at newsstands with a certain section marriage and sometimes even groceries at a cost of $ 6.99. You can also visit their website:, I strongly recommend you for hours and hours of visits and inexhaustible source of inspiration.

* What I like: a source of ideas very rich and comprehensive, and very glam trend.
* What I like least: it is as a reference for everybody, we need to know it as a basis and develop their own ideas and are inspired to avoid uniformity and conformity marriages generics.

Modern Bride and Elegant Bride
Both magazines are variants of Brides.Two segments in more depth, for those who like a type more than the other and who want to further develop this aspect. You will find the two magazines on newsstands, even in grocery stores, at a cost of $ 6.99. They also each their website, / moderbride and Brides.con / elegantbride, which you will understand, are an integral part of But what remains the most interesting, it is the special issues of Brides, Modern Bride and Elegant Bride. A special issue on receipts, for example, with ideas for decorations, cakes, gifts, flowers, and so on.Or another on beauty & fitness, with a special wedding dress and proposals for menus.But rest assured, the (very) large majority of these special content are also available online. At your mouse!
* What I like: ideas, ideas and ideas yet!.The fact developing a deeper kind.
*What I like least: the overabundance of these variants magazines, and of course, their high cost if it all starts to buy. The fact that the vast majority of the content is already available for free online.
Martha Stewart Weddings
As you will have guessed, the queen of American homes could not miss out on the very profitable industry of marriage. In addition to magazines and all its derivatives, Martha Stewart also possesses its own magazine wedding. And I admit that, even though I am not a great fan of Martha, it is rather well done! I found several ideas that I adopted at the sauce. Although the "American spirit" there is clearly visible, looking a bit, we can find some ideas that might appeal to the tastes and adjust from here.In addition, for their skillful married 10 fingers or for those who are looking for ideas for saving by doing a lot of work with their hands, there are very many "how-to-do", the Deco gifts guests , through invitations and flowers, as well as several recipes that give us the impression that the organization and preparation of a marriage can be done almost entirely from home, without recourse to suppliers voracious. Even recipes for her wedding cake himself. Provided you have the time, of course! The magazine is available at newsstands with a certain section marriage, at a cost of $ 6.95. You can also visit their website: / weddings.
*What I like: ideas easily morcelables to do something else. The "how-to-do", which proves that we can easily save by making things simple, but that look complicated.
* What I like least: the mind very "American", which is less the European heritage of Quebecers.
marthastewart_living_behindbars_magazineMartha Stewart Living
I know, I know, this is not a review of marriage, strictly speaking ... But still watch the February issue, which is full of ideas always linked to love, colored white, pink and red ... Who said they could not draw on them for our wedding, our celebration of love? Available on newsstands (and perhaps even groceries?), At a cost of $ 5.75. You can also visit their website:
instyles-weddings-magazine-summer-cover_06200In Style Weddings
For the bride who looks chic simple.The magazine is available at newsstands with a certain section marriage, at a cost of $ 6.99. You can also visit their website:
* What I like: pages Answers on the label. The vast quantity of photos of wedding dresses.
* What I like least: the glut of advertising which, combined with the layout, because apart hardly an advertisement paid for a page of advice / régidée picks by the magazine's journalists.
Bridal Guide
I admit that I have very little puff, that one, in comparison with all other ... It has a lot of pub and, like In Style Wedding, it has difficulty differentiating an article by an announcement. It resembles many other journals that overfly the main issues related to the organization of marriage. The magazine is available at newsstands with a certain section marriage, at a cost of $ 6.99. You can also visit their website:
Inside Weddings
Another American magazine on marriage! But in the latter, although little guidance. Especially pictures. Many photos! Especially photos of the sets and dresses. But above all photos of scenery, which is lacking severely in several other magazines that usually spend no more than 5 or 6 pages. So it is a great source of inspiration when, once the room, one wonders how it will do to transform our taste. This may not be within the reach of all portfolios, but there is always room to take an idea and the luxurious accomplish with the resources of banks and similar but much smaller budget.The magazine is available at newsstands with a certain section marriage, at a cost of $ 7.95. You can also visit their website:
*What I like: large colourful pictures with spectacular scenery. The relatively small number of pub when you consider the fact that this is a wedding magazine.
*What I like least: its cumbersome format, which, although it can very well see the pictures, makes its storage difficult as it always exceeds the battery!
The Bride & Bloom
The Bride & bloom, it is a magazne specializes in flowers and decorations.It includes the latest trends regarding the color palettes.Examples of real marriage with a short explanation of the theme and a color scheme that was used.But it does not stop there.There is a problem of unity, "everything", which means that they present both ladies dresses that honors atmospheres. The important thing is that every game in order to create a complete experience, overall, will leave it offer any impressions of ideas chosen by the piece and which have been poorly or hardly related to one another. The magazine is available at newsstands with a certain section marriage, at a cost of $ 7.95. You can also visit their website:

* What I like: concern for the unity, experience related to a full range of colors. The detachable sheets with different colors or varieties of the same flower.Close-ups on the bouquets.
* What I like least: its price.

The journals of France
Bride Magazine
It's interesting to see how marriages are celebrated differently from one country to another. On It would be brought to believe that a French marriage is not so different from a marriage In this magazine, you can find tips, ideas, trends well in Europe.That does not mean that many can be imported here to give a particular charm to your marriage. The magazine is available at newsstands with a certain section marriage, at a cost of $ 7.50. You can also visit their website:
What I like to explore the ideas elsewhere. Discovering that several dresses elsewhere are also on sale here.
What I like least: finding a great idea and be unable to procure me what it takes to achieve it.
Marions us!
A magazine in the purest tradition of the journal of marriage advice, ideas, tests, stories of marriages and experienced small section at the end on honeymoon. If you made the rounds of reviews this side of the Atlantic and you want more ... Available in some booths with a section marriage, at a cost of $ 7.50. You can also visit their website:
What I like: the ABC of marriage French explained step by step.
What I like least: we have already reviewed many of the same type in America.
The journals of the world
Donna Hay Wedding (Australia)
Donna Hay is the Martha Stewart of Australia.And it has nothing to envy! She has her own magazine, Donna Hay Magazine, and a Web site, The magazine which I speak, is the No. 4 (July / August 2002). It is the only magazine of marriage she has produced. And even though it dates from 2002, it is still very topical, with ideas that have not taken a single ride! You can order this ancient edition without forgetting the website of the magazine, in "back issues" at a cost of $ 15.95 Australian
What I like: the photos, ideas, the general atmosphere, but more importantly the revenue and "how-to-do" that give the impression that we could organize a luxurious marriage to 10 or 500 diners with breathtaking ease. Please note that the revenue from wedding cake to make oneself, the realization of bouquets step by step and wishlists guest house.
What I like least: the need to order the review of Australia. I tried to order it through the Internet and I found the process difficult, despite my usual shopping experience via the Web. Rest the command line (remember that Australia has 12h time difference with Quebec).
Wedding Flowers (England)
It has flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, cakes, flowers, decorations and even flowers ... Why cakes and decorations? But it's because you can put flowers! The magazine is available at newsstands with a certain section marriage, at a cost of $ 10.95 CAD.
What I like: the photos showing the flowers individually, with a small number referring to their name. Different pages offering suggestions on arrangements and bouquets by color.
What I like least: its price Video:aroos magazine wedding show 1

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Las Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas Weddings

To those who wish to make Saut Grand, Las Vegas offers a last freedom to choose the type of ceremony they want to organize, it is chaired by Elvis in person at the heart of a chapel, it 's acts in a sumptuous evening in a luxury hotel, for a memorable evening outdoors on Mt Charleston or a religious ceremony in a church filled to capacity.

With more than 120,000 of exemptions from bans per year, Las Vegas is the undisputed world capital of marriage.

Number of marriage licenses issued annually in Clark County (which includes the cities of Las Vegas, Laughlin and Mesquite):

*In 2000: 122 902
*In 2001: 123 149
*In 2002: 120 385
*In 2003: 119 221
*In 2004: 128 250
*In 2006: 112 000
The most popular day to get married in Las Vegas: Valentine and second position: New Year's Day and then dates "obvious" as 2/2/02 on 3/3/03, or 07/07/07 recently (see article), or the next 08/08/08.

A passport or identity card;
*Where appropriate, the trial of a previous divorce;
* Parental record or trial (if under 16 years);
* No analysis of blood
* No waiting.

*Clark County Court House : $ 55 The marriage license (marriage license) - Clark County Court House: $ 55
*To withdraw at:

Las Vegas: Clark County Marriage License Bureau, 201 Clark Avenue - (702) 671-0600,
Voicemail: (702) 455-4415
Web : 4 Hours: Weekdays: 08:00 - Midnight - Weekends and holidays: 24/24

Marriage License Bureau Address: 500 Hillside Drive - (702) 346-1867
Hours: Wednesday: 08.00 - 15.30 - Friday: 15:00 - 21:00 - Saturday: 9.00 - 15.00 - Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday and holidays

o Laughlin, Nev..: Marriage License Bureau: 101 Civic Way, # 2 -: (702) 298-4622
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 8.00 - 16.30 - Friday: 8.00 - 20.00 - Weekends: 8h00 - 17h00
Closed Mondays and holidays

After marriage submit to the U.S. administration in Clark County Recorder, 500 South Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas NV 89155-1510 - Tel: (702) 455 4336, the certificate of marriage "marriage certificate signed by the officiating (registrar or minister of religion) to get the marriage "Certified Abstract of Marriage."It is the only deed recorded by the American Civil allowing transcription in the records of the consular French.
Give or send by registered the marriage or "Certified Abstract of Marriage," at:
Consulate General of France - 10990 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 300Los Angeles, CA 90024 - Tel: (310) 235 3230 - Fax: (310) 479 48 13 -

The Consulate transcribe marriage on French consular records and send you directly to your address book with family and two certified copies of marriage. One month is expected.
Attention, priority processing of applications is given to those who have preceded by a publication of banns.For information on the approaches to the publication of banns (to be at least 2 months before the scheduled date of marriage in Las Vegas), visit the French Consulate above.


* Elvis and Priscilla Presley
* Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow
* Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim
* Britney Spears and Jason Alexander
* Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie
* Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward
* Ann-Margaret and Roger Smith
* Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
* Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere now divorced.

Other celebrities have said yes more ephemeral such,Brigitte Bardot, Billy Martin, Joan Collins, Judy Garland,Vic Damon, Tony Curtis, Mickey Rooney (several times), Mary Tyler Moore, Sammy Davis Jr., Bing Crosby, Joan Crawford, Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman.

Couples mentioned here are well known stars, but the official Clark County Marriage License Bureau used to say: "We see each marriage as that of two stars.

Photos : courtesy MGM - Mirage Photos: courtesy MGM - Mirage Video:Las Vegas Weddings on 7-7-07

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Third Pamela Anderson Marriage

The Third Pamela Anderson Marriage

The pulpy American actress Pamela Anderson, 40, naiad of the famous TV series Alert Malibu, is again passed by the court case.His separation from Rick Salomon, hero of a famous sex tape with Paris Hilton, was formalized on Monday by the annulment of marriage, according to documents of the Superior Court of Los Angeles.
Anderson and Salomon had said "yes" on October 6 in Las Vegas for their third wedding at all, and had separated two months later.After a divorce in December, the actress had filed the application for annulment of marriages end in February.
The blonde was married in the past Tommy Lee, drummer of the group Motley Crue, and then to singer Kid Rock.She remained married to him less than four months.Rick Salomon had done a little better still married to actress Shannen Doherty series Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed for nine months.He was previously married for five years to actress Elizabeth Daily.

Pamela was seen during the Easter weekend now hang out in Malibu with her ex Tommy Lee and their children. Video:Pamela Anderson And Rick Solomon Honeymoon In Las Vegas

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Wedding Decoration Creations: frangipani flower and exotic menu

Wedding Decoration Creations: frangipani flower and exotic menu

An exotic theme wedding decoration that a smooth transport your guests under the tropical heat .... The shades of turquoise, green and yellow recall the brightness of sandy beaches and the Pacific Ocean.Bamboo mat and tropical foliage will be unavoidable this table decoration with exotic accents.While delicacy, a frangipani flower will be a mark-up of the finest for a table dotted with beads of water. To see the data sheet this flower here.
Tribute to raw materials of exotic countries,a wicker ball (on sale at table decoration) to be improvised as Pochon dragees to the delight of gourmands. transparency and Thursday will be the natural attributes of this presentation.All in harmony, the menu comes in a clever game of dried leaf weaving, you will find the explanation under instructions.
wicker-ball-exotic-wedding-decoration Video:Best Wedding Reception Table Decorations

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