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Hebrew Style Wedding Invitations Designs

Hebrew Style Wedding Invitations Designs

I received my first calligraphy set at age eleven from my great aunt Octavine.

As the family correspondent, Aunt Vinee appreciated excellent penmanship and the art of font. Octavine was old fashioned. She wore bloomers and muslin dresses from the 1950s.

Aunt Vinee encouraged me and I found I very much enjoyed the rather "old lady" pastime of calligraphy. I practiced and practiced. I bought alphabet books and taught myself fonts. As a left-hander, I couldn't follow the instructions given thus I developed my own style and technique.

Once I had the basics of letter formation, spacing, and placement I began to practice Hebrew calligraphy. I was taught the Hebrew alphabet at a young age, so the letters were familiar.

Luckily, I have figured a way to turn my "old lady" talent into a practical art. Finding that wedding invitations, Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations, marriage contracts, Ketubah (Jewish marriage contract), concert posters, baby announcements and graduation announcements all require the flair of calligraphy allows calligraphy to blossom in the modern world and bring beauty to the everyday.
A wedding invitation I calligraphed using my own Hebrew calligraphy font.
Art Nouveau Style Wedding Invitation in Hebrew.
All artwork and calligraphy by Octavine Illustration.

A Bat Mitzvah invitation I illustrated, calligraphed and I loved combining an Art Nouveau sensibility with Hebrew calligraphy. The fonts I chose for both the Hebrew and the English were based on 1920s fonts I found whilst traveling in Morocco and France and then further developed.

The invitations were printed on my amazing Japanese Gocco silkscreen.
Hand wrought Bat Mitzvah Wedding Invitation
Handmade Wedding Invitation Hebrew Calligraphy

Youtube Video:His Majesty Requests: The Royal Invitation

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