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Getting Married In Venice

Getting Married In Venice

Documents required

The appointment for the celebration of civil marriage be consistent product previously with the Office of Civil Status.
The Austrian, Swiss, Spanish, German must submit the marriage certificate issued by their own municipality of residence and a birth certificate in international model.
U.S. citizens must submit the sworn statement obtained from the U.S. Consulate in Italy and subsequently legalized in the prefecture, and the act of notoriety made to a Italian Consulate.
All other foreign citizens must submit a statement issued by the competent authorities of their own country (Embassy or Consulate in Italy) certifying that there is no impediment to marriage.This comes after publication of banns in France:

Legal provisions concerning the recognition in France of a marriage before a foreign authority include the publication of banns: Under the law, a marriage celebrated abroad must be preceded by the publication under Article 63 of the Code Civil and spouses must meet the conditions for marriage under Article 170 of the Code.The publication of banns is a legal obligation that is imposed on the officer consular as his counterpart communal.The spouses residing in France or abroad, will have at least 2 months before the planned wedding in Venice, send their complete file at the Consulate General of France in place that will publish the banns.he post then send a requisition of publication "Mayor Consul or your place of residence.

After expiry of the statutory period, they return a "certificate of publication and no opposition."These formalities are completed, a "certificate of marriage" is established and given to spouses so that they can provide proof of their marriage under our law.This period of two months is necessary to enable the processing of applications for publication and to allow the time display (10 days in each town hall) and timely delivery of mail.No record of publication can be treated without respect of that period. Attention, in the absence of publication of banns, the officer consular will have before it a request for a transcript of marriage without that he has been given to the publication, automatically transcribe the marriage on its records.However, a certified copy of the transcript can be addressed by the Consulate to the public prosecutor with the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Nantes, which will assess whether this marriage is tainted or not the defect hiding.The risk of subsequent annulment of marriage is not excluded.In addition, a priority in the processing of cases will be given to those who have already been a publication of banns.

Your file to send at least two months before the scheduled date of marriage, must therefore include:
You can specify a date of marriage (even approximate), your profession, your phone number, fax and e-mail possibly;
A full copy of birth certificate for each future husband (copy certified by the City of birth, older than 6 months);
The photocopy of national identity cards or the French original certificate of French nationality, which will be returned (no passport);
In the event of divorce or widowhood, a copy of divorce (unnecessary if the mention of divorce is affixed on the birth certificate), or the death of the previous spouse;
A proof of residence marriage (invoices, receipts or proof of residence issued by the municipality or registration certificate issued by the consulates)
(S) act (s) of birth of the child that you had (s) together before marriage in Venice
A notary certificate, if you've spent a marriage contract.
Other Information

Patrimonial regime: If at the time of marriage spouses do not report to the registrar they choose the regime of the separation of property, the system automatically initiated heritage of "communion of goods."The married may at any time by state public act (with a notary) conventions marriage.If you marry abroad, it is preferable, before the ceremony, to a marriage contract.A foreign matrimonial chosen at marriage is recognized under French law if the spouses establish their first residence in the country where the union is celebrated. Otherwise, it is preferable to establish a marriage contract before the celebration, a notary French (or a consul on the spot).Otherwise, if returned to France, your marital regime will be the joint property of acquisitions for two years at least (It is the French system by default, applied in the absence of marriage contract) . Thus, marriage transcript will be recognized in France, even in the marriage contract.In summary, if you do not make marriage contract, the default of the country's marriage will be applied, and if you get in France, this regime will be the joint property of acquisitions which will apply by default, without retroactive effect.
Certificates: Immediately after the celebration of civil marriage, the registrar issues two marriage certificates in international model.

Schedules and costs
Venue: The marriage was celebrated at the City Hall in the Hall of Marriages Palace Cavalli - San Marco 4090.The following rates apply to intra-EU citizens not resident in Italy:
- During business hours: 310 euros
- Off-duty hours (weekdays): 620 euros
- Off-hours (eve of public holidays): 690 euros
- Off-hours (holidays): 1250 euros

Know that there are organizations that can organize the full benefits on the spot (witnesses, photographers, interpreters hairdresser, hotel, meals, gondolas, ...), except for administrative procedures prior to the publication of banns. Video:Weddings in Italy - Wedding in Venice

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