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Gretna Green (Scotland)

Getting Married In Gretna Green (Scotland)

Gretna Green, Scotland, is over 250 years one of the most dedicated romantic unions, and one of the first wedding destinations in the world, almost as famous as Las Vegas.
Indeed, the Scots are friendly people, including the hospitality and openness are further proof, even regarding the institution of marriage.
Traditionally, Scotland, a man and a woman aged at least 16 years could marry.In England, such marriages were banned by a decree of parliament in 1745: As a result, many couples fled to come get married in Scotland.
However, Gretna Green was the first post-relay after the border on the main road going from London to Edinburgh.

That's how Gretna Green became the romantic ideal place to get married in complete freedom. The ceremonies were often performed by a blacksmith priest ", and that for over 100 years.
In 1857, another law has forced spouses to live 21 days before the wedding in the city where they wanted to unite.Then in 1940, Parliament has intervened again to outlaw "priests blacksmiths" and ruled that marriages are celebrated by a religious authority, and a civil authority approved.
However, unions have continued to romantic Gretna Green. Today, the law no longer requires any certification for residential marriage in Scotland, no parental consent for couples aged 16 and over (unlike the regulations of many other countries).
Thus, Gretna Green continues to attract thousands of couples worldwide.
the publication of banns
Legal provisions concerning the recognition in France of a marriage before a foreign authority include the publication of banns: Under the law, a marriage celebrated abroad must be preceded by the publication under Article 63 of the Code Civil and spouses must meet the conditions for marriage under Article 170 of the Code.The publication of banns is a legal obligation that is imposed on the officer consular as his counterpart communal.
The spouses residing in France or abroad, will have at least 2 months before the scheduled date of marriage in Gretna Green, send their complete file at the Consulate General of France in Edinburgh who will make the publication of banns.The post then send a requisition of publication "Mayor Consul or your place of residence. After expiry of the statutory period, they return a "certificate of publication and no opposition.These formalities are completed, a "certificate of marriage" is established and given to spouses so that they can provide proof of their marriage under our law.This period of two months is necessary to enable the processing of applications for publication and to allow the time display (10 days in each town hall) and timely delivery of mail. No record of publication can be treated without respect of that period.

Attention, in the absence of publication of banns, the officer consular will have before it a request for a transcript of marriage, but it has been given to the publication, to transcribe the office 'marriage on its records.However, a certified copy of the transcript can be addressed by the Consulate to the public prosecutor with the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Nantes, which will assess whether this marriage is tainted or not the defect hiding.The risk of subsequent annulment of marriage is not excluded.In addition, a priority in the processing of cases will be given to those who have already been a publication of banns.
Documents to send to the Consulate prior to marriage
Your file to send at least two months before the scheduled date of marriage, should contain:

- A letter signed and dated by the spouses requesting the publication of banns.You can specify a date of marriage (even approximate), your profession, your phone number, fax and e-mail possibly

- A copy of the birth of each future husband (copy certified by the Municipality of birth, older than 6 months)
- Photocopy of national identity cards or the French original certificate of French nationality, which will be returned (no passport)

- In case of divorce or widowhood, a copy of divorce (unnecessary if the mention of divorce is affixed on the birth certificate), or the death of the previous spouse,

- A proof of residence marriage (invoices, receipts or proof of residence issued by the municipality or registration certificate issued by the consulates)

- The (s) act (s) of birth of the child that you had (s) together before marriage at Gretna Green,

- A notary certificate, if you've spent a marriage contract.
Get a book of family and marriage French (Transcript)
Following the publication of banns, the Consulate in Edinburgh is already in possession of your file.You will then submit the original copy of the marriage official registered by the Scottish Gretna Registration Office.

The Consulate transcribe your marriage on French consular records, and you ship directly to your home a family book and certified copies of your marriage. Un délai d'environ trois mois est à prévoir pour cet envoi. A period of about three months is expected for this shipment.

However, under Article 47 of the French Civil Code ( "Any act of the civil status of French and foreign, done in foreign countries shall prevail if it was written in the forms used in that country.) you are considered married at the time of marriage specified in the marriage of Scotland. Any religious marriage in France is now possible.
Getting married religiously in Scotland, Gretna Green
Two possibilities for future married:
Gretna Green Wedding proposes a pack included to simplify the task of spouses: This pack includes Ceremony (Go, officials for the celebration, and the witnesses if necessary), the two nights accommodation in a castle or hotel near Gretna Green, the carriages and horses (or the classic Rolls-Royce) which will transport the bride and groom to the ceremony and then return, a Scottish bagpipe player who plays for the arrival of spouses, and Professional photographer (Photos, album, ...).The price of this package is around £ 1800 (The guests are possible at the expense of married).
For further information:
You can also organize your wedding a la carte: Absolutely all services are offered on the spot, and one person in Gretna Green helps you to organize your ceremony.

In any case, the next steps will be as follows (costs are theoretically understood for Marriage Pack):
Choose the date of marriage.
Gretna Green Contact:
Gretna Green re-contact prospective married to availability according to their choice;
The future newlyweds choose Officials according to the list received.
Gretna Weddings, wedding Houx . Gretna Green reserve the date and time chosen for 2 weeks, pending a settlement (by check payable to Gretna Weddings to be sent to: Gretna Weddings, wedding Houx
101A, Central Avenue, Gretna, Dumfriesshire
DG16 5DB, Scotland, UK,
by credit card by calling 01461 337971) around £ 300
(Appointments, administrative expenses, and witnesses).
Gretna Registration Office (Miss Chandler), Central Avenue, Gretna Dumfriesshire DG16 5AQ, Scotland, UK ; 01461-337648 (tél.). . The future newlyweds come into contact with the registrar of Gretna to the legal requirements for marriage: Gretna Registration Office (Miss Chandler), Central Avenue, Gretna Dumfriesshire DG16 5AQ, Scotland, UK; 01461-337648 (tel.) .
.The married must complete Form M10, which will include, in addition, the following information: The selected location of marriage ( "Gretna Hall Blacksmiths" or "Old Blacksmith's Shop") and the name of the chosen official.
Gretna Registration Office, . The marriage must return the completed Form M10 to: Gretna Registration Office,
Central Avenue, Gretna Dumfriesshire DG16 5AQ
Scotland, UK. Scotland, UK.
This form must be returned no earlier than 3 months before the ceremony, and no later than 15 days before the ceremony, accompanied by a check for £ 50 payable to the Registrar.
The newlyweds recover, the Registry of Gretna, the program of their marriage, within 7 days before the marriage or the day of the marriage (Beware, the Gretna Registration Office is closed on Sunday and Monday).After validated, the future newlyweds return the program of their marriage in Gretna Registration Office within 3 days previous marriage, or call directly to the Official just before marriage.

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