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Calendar of your Marriage

Calendar of your Marriage

9 to 12 months before

RESULTS a meeting between the two families. It is to define the style of the reception and determine the budget (in France, a wedding costs an average of 7500 Euros for 80 guests),
SETTING the date and time of the marriage taking into account all stages of the day.Avoid: 14h at the ceremony, the cocktail reception at 16.30 and receive at 20h.The guests are likely to feel orphaned during the intermission,
Contact a pastor or priest to the date of the ceremony,
RESERVATIONS and flush the hall, the restaurant or the castle as soon as possible.Throughout France, the most beautiful places full display in advance, then caution ...

6 months before

the wedding dress,
establish the list of guests at meals and at cocktail reception,
DEMANDED witnesses to the agreement envisaged,
Tart C to compile the dossier needed to civil marriage and religious
F area establish estimate by three or four different caterers,
Booking a moderator or an orchestra.

3 months

C RDER make contributions to the printer,
Hoosing C toilet of the groom, children and honor of the parade, not to mention its own accessories: veil, shoes, ...
E establish a marriage contract before a notary, if necessary.

2 months before

D Epos the list of marriage,
Nvoyer do E-hand and invitation cards,
R eten all providers of the reception: Photographer, ...
The bridal bouquet and floral decorations (place of worship, reception ... etc).

1 month before

R issue its full dossier to the council for publication of banns,
Roc├ęder P testing of hair and makeup,
C ONFIRMATION, advances in support, all service providers.It is also the time to fix the menu with the caterer.

15 days before

Our P's announcement in the mundane heading of a newspaper is now or never,
D ATEST fitting of the dress.Sometimes that has melted in stress,

1 week before

A small nothing from having the approach flawed from the beginning of the reception,
C ONFIRMATION everyone, caterer, florist, photographer,his arrival time and exactly what is expected of him,
DResser plans table
P asser a final review details

The day before
R-you to epos to enjoy the great day ...

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