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The universal marriage community

The universal marriage community

It is a regime that has the merit of simplicity.The authors of the Civil Code did not require more than one article to regulate.

The principle
All property that spouses have the day of marriage, they may subsequently acquire or obtain through inheritance, gift or bequest form one common mass.
Correspondingly, all debts are paid by the community, whatever their nature or origin.
Each spouse has the same powers as if he was married under the legal community (first case).

Some property declared by section 1404 of the Civil Code "own nature" are excluded from the community unless otherwise specified. This is, as we have seen (first case), actions for compensation for damage physical or moral and also "claims and pensions and more generally transferred (from) all property that has a personal and (of) all the entitlements attached to the person" 'If the community is truly universal Should be waived in the marriage contract, the provisions of Article 1404 of the Civil Code, as permitted under Article 1526,
In addition, property bequeathed or donated to one of the spouses under the condition that they be excluded from the community to remain husband legatee or donee.In such cases, the will of the deceased outweighs the matrimonial agreements.

The clause award
The assets and liabilities are normally shared equally between both spouses.But it may be agreed in the marriage contract that the survivor will be awarded all of the common property dependent only pay debts.Such an agreement is not considered a gift, unless the deceased leaves children from a previous marriage.
Interesting result in tax: the survivor is not subject to estate duty.This largely explains the interest in this scheme and the clause of the award by the husband of a certain age without children.
Parents (remote, in this case) predeceased spouse can not claim on its contributions, provided that the right of recovery under Article 1525, the 2nd paragraph of the Civil Code was rejected in the marriage contract, what is possible (reserve from the exceptions mentioned above), even if there are children of the marriage.

Limited application
Such a scheme could only be advised recklessly.The young husband did not appeal, except in three departments of the Rhine and Moselle for historical reasons.
We must see that the law reserving any children of the marriage are sacrificed for the benefit of the surviving spouse likely to have under bad influences, all of the common heritage.
On the other hand if this is not the case, the tax burden that will weigh on children to the death of the second spouse will be increased because they benefit only once for the reduction of CHF 300,000 and slices lower scale.
However, it is common for spouses who have no children are present in the twilight of their lives by changing the matrimonial regime.
Note that the assignment clause may be incorporated in favor of a single husband, wife, for example, or the surviving whatsoever.An interesting way when one spouse has children from a previous marriage.
- Plan the simplest.Symmetry between community life and interests.
- For the surviving spouse can only dispose of all goods and tax advantages.
- Often recommended for the elderly who have no children.

- Rights of Children reserving marriage sacrificed if the surviving spouse has the goods.
- Tax expense increased to the death of the second spouse.
- Finality of the clause granting survivor benefits

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An exhibition brings these princely wedding

An exhibition brings these princely wedding

It's in the same room where lunch was held that followed the marriage and the exhibition stands. It finds such sketches of designer Norman Hartnell gowns for the bride, his mother, his grandmother and maid of honor.
Highlight of the show: the wedding dress in ivory silk decorated with garlands of flowers in 10,000 crystals and pearls, inspired by the "Spring" by Boticelli, with a train of almost four meters chosen by a tiara of diamonds.Everything is up shoes satin and silk reproduction of the cascade bouquet of orchids!
A princely marriage, royal gifts: the young couple had received two thousand five hundred, including jewelry exceptional: for example the tiara "Girls of Great Britain" offered to Queen Mary for her marriage in 1893, the spindle containing Williamson the purest in the world pink diamond or diamond bracelet designed by the bridegroom to his bride.Mahatma Gandhi, Pope Pius XII and
contributions ...
Many less prestigious gifts are not exposed, and for good reason: a radio, a sewing machine, 38 handbags, 24 pairs of gloves, towels and 500 boxes of canned pineapple and other foodstuffs had been redistributed to hospitals, schools and charities while in the aftermath of the war, rationing was still in force.
Nov 20 1947: Princess Elizabeth, then aged 21, wife of Lt. Philip Mountbatten Royal Navy. Sixty years later, the Buckingham Palace brings visitors behind the scenes of this event, followed live on radio by millions of people.

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Calendar of your Marriage

Calendar of your Marriage

9 to 12 months before

RESULTS a meeting between the two families. It is to define the style of the reception and determine the budget (in France, a wedding costs an average of 7500 Euros for 80 guests),
SETTING the date and time of the marriage taking into account all stages of the day.Avoid: 14h at the ceremony, the cocktail reception at 16.30 and receive at 20h.The guests are likely to feel orphaned during the intermission,
Contact a pastor or priest to the date of the ceremony,
RESERVATIONS and flush the hall, the restaurant or the castle as soon as possible.Throughout France, the most beautiful places full display in advance, then caution ...

6 months before

the wedding dress,
establish the list of guests at meals and at cocktail reception,
DEMANDED witnesses to the agreement envisaged,
Tart C to compile the dossier needed to civil marriage and religious
F area establish estimate by three or four different caterers,
Booking a moderator or an orchestra.

3 months

C RDER make contributions to the printer,
Hoosing C toilet of the groom, children and honor of the parade, not to mention its own accessories: veil, shoes, ...
E establish a marriage contract before a notary, if necessary.

2 months before

D Epos the list of marriage,
Nvoyer do E-hand and invitation cards,
R eten all providers of the reception: Photographer, ...
The bridal bouquet and floral decorations (place of worship, reception ... etc).

1 month before

R issue its full dossier to the council for publication of banns,
Rocéder P testing of hair and makeup,
C ONFIRMATION, advances in support, all service providers.It is also the time to fix the menu with the caterer.

15 days before

Our P's announcement in the mundane heading of a newspaper is now or never,
D ATEST fitting of the dress.Sometimes that has melted in stress,

1 week before

A small nothing from having the approach flawed from the beginning of the reception,
C ONFIRMATION everyone, caterer, florist, photographer,his arrival time and exactly what is expected of him,
DResser plans table
P asser a final review details

The day before
R-you to epos to enjoy the great day ...

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The marriage contract

The marriage contract

You will quickly aware of the economic realities of life in both.It will furnish and equip housing, the money to meet the household expenses, putting the savings.The Civil Code does not hesitate to qualify the household "conjugal association".Is it not better to start by resolving the operation?
The key issue at the time of marriage, material, of course, is the work that spouses plan to exercise.
What is the nature employee, liberal trade?
Both spouses work there, or is it husband?
Should separate interests and preserve the independence of each, taking into account the risks to the vagaries of business, or on the contrary everything in common?

Then one day, as late as possible, the marriage will end.It is well known that the law does not provide sufficient protection to the surviving spouse. Is it not advisable, regardless of donations that spouses will not fail to make a little later, some marital benefits that may be stipulated in the marriage contract?

Fortunately, spouses, many in France who marry without a contract are not delivered to anarchy.Law has statute: the legal regime of community of property of acquisitions, established in 1965 and regarded as best suited to the aspirations of many of our citizens and that they are marriage.

But the situations are becoming more frequent, and spouses are often forced to consider other schemes.They have an almost total freedom, the reference to a foreigner is even possible if it is not contrary to mandatory rules of our law.The only constraint imposed on them is to contract before a notary.

The Civil Code provides some models: the separation of property, participation of acquisitions, the universal community, which cover a fairly wide range of contingencies. We propose here to discuss, through case fairly common species in the notarial practice.

Can I change my plan during Matrimonial marriage?

The famous principle of immutability of matrimonial agreements has been significantly eased by the law of 13 July 1965.It is now possible to change the matrimonial regime or even to completely change during the marriage provided that:
- 2 years have elapsed since the marriage if it is the original scheme, or since the last change if it is not the first,
- The change is motivated by the interests of the family and does not constitute a fraud on the rights of third parties, creditors, for example,
- The act constituting the change of regime is established by a notary and subject to the approval of the High Court, acting in terms graceful as its order is outside any litigation,
- Various measures are carried Advertising Journal legal notices, various references to marital status, in the commercial register on the sidelines of the previous contract etc.). Video:Madonna Marriage Contract

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Marriage around the World

Marriage around the World

In addition to the classic Las Vegas, Venice or Gretna Green, there are several exotic destinations in the world who are willing to celebrate your marriage on their territory.You find in this folder, a non-exhaustive list of many of these places, with details of French authorities on the spot, you will need for steps concerning the organization of your union.

The preliminary:

Note that as in France, marriage abroad of a French couple residing in France or abroad, requires the publication of banns is made in France before marriage, that marriage is recognized by the then French authorities ( "Transcript" to the French Embassy on site).
In fact, theoretically - and it is preferable to do so - the spouses French residing in France or abroad, will have at least 2 months before the scheduled date of marriage abroad, seized by mail Consulate or Embassy of France from countries where they should marriage, which will publish the banns.This will be done at the town hall instead of French home spouses. This period of two months is necessary to enable the processing of applications for publication and take account of postal delays and display (10 days in City Hall).No record of publication can be treated without respect these deadlines.
The post then send a requisition of publication "Mayor Consul or territorial jurisdiction.After expiry of the legal deadline, the council sends a "certificate of publication and not opposed to marriage" at the French Embassy.
These formalities are completed, a "certificate of marriage" is established and given to spouses so that they can prove their ability and their marital celibacy under our law.Interested parties should theoretically occur at the French Embassy to withdraw the certificate.After your marriage, spouses must travel to the French Embassy on the spot to transcribe their marriage to be validated in France (Transcript), which will be done without problem if the publication of banns in France has been performed and recorded (Transcript = Validating your marriage, by the Embassy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located in Nantes).
In summary, the publication of banns, which will therefore mainly the time you should wait to get married, you will get the certificate of publication and not opposed to marriage.Then, after your union, the transcript of your marriage to the embassy or consulate will allow you to validate your marriage in France and obtain a family book and certified copies of your marriage.40 days to 3 months is required to obtain such documents.

As to various documents to provide, here is what is indicated by default:

- A residence permit in order,
- A copy of the birth of each future husband (copy certified by the Municipality of birth, not older than 3 months, or less than 6 months it was granted to a department, a TOM or a consulate)
- A prenuptial certificate of less than 2 months (only if marriage in French consulate - Document to be completed by a doctor after medical examination (possibility to make the French consulate by a medical practitioner)),
- Photocopy of national identity cards or the French original certificate of French nationality,
- A proof of residence marriage (invoices, receipts or proof of residence issued by the municipality or registration certificate issued by the consulates)
- The (s) act (s) of birth of the child that you had (s) together before marriage
- A notary certificate, if you have entered into a contract of marriage: A marriage contract is not mandatory.However, if you marry abroad, it is preferable, before the ceremony, to obtain one. Indeed, a foreign matrimonial chosen at marriage is recognized under French law if the spouses establish their first residence in the country where the union is celebrated.Otherwise, if you return immediately to live in France, it is better to establish a marriage contract before the celebration, a notary French (or a consul on the spot).Otherwise, your return, your marital regime will be the joint property of acquisitions which will apply by default, without retroactive effect, and for two years at least (It is the French system by default, if applied no marriage contract).Thus, marriage transcript will be recognized in France, even in the marriage contract.
- Finally, some of these destinations require other documents (baptismal certificate or other religious documents, marriage certificate of parents, death certificate in case of widowhood, identity photographs, leave parents in case of non majority certificate adoption for adoptees, the entire file translated into the local language, ...).Learn more imperative to the French embassy there to know exactly all the procedures.

CAUTION: Some destinations consider that the majority is attained at the age of 21 years or 23 years.Moreover, for some of these countries, marriages can not take place every day (not on weekends or holidays for some), and certain periods in the year, sometimes long weeks or several months, are even forbidden to marry.Finally, for the following destinations, the future newlyweds will reside on the spot, according to the country, from 1 to 7 days, or even a few days more to unavailability of local authorities, before they could celebrate their marriage.
Examples of Destinations (non-exhaustive list - information provided by authorities in 2003):
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo Embassy
Ambassador: His Excellency. M. Jean-Claude MOYRET
- Zone coloniale : Calle las Damas No. 42 - Colonial Zone
Tel: [1 809] 687 56 26
Fax: [1 809] 687 52 73

CARIBBEAN (Grenada, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda):
St. Lucia, Castries Embassy
Ambassador: His Excellency. M. Bernard VENZO Bernard VENZO
Adr. Ext. : Clarke Avenue - Vigie- Private GPO Box
Castries - Saint Lucia (WI)
Tel: [1] (758) 455 60 60
Fax: [1] (758) 452 78 99

Jamaica, Kingston Embassy
Ambassador: His Excellency.Mr. Pierre-Antoine BERNIARD
Adr. Ext. : 13,Hillcrest Avenue - Kingston 6
Tel: (1 876) 978 48 81/82
Fax: (1 876) 927 49 98

Thailand, Bangkok Embassy
Ambassador: His Excellency. M. Laurent AUBLIN Mr. Laurent Aublin
Adr. Ext. : 35 Custom House Lane - New road - Bangkok 10500
Tel: [66] (2) 266 82 50 54
Fax: [66] (2) 236 79 73

Australia, Canberra Embassy
Ambassador: His Excellency.Patrick Mr. HENAULT
Adr. Ext. :6 Perth Avenue Yarralumla ACT 2600
Tel: [61] (2) 621 601 00
Fax: [61] (2) 621 601 27
Web : URL:

Sydney, Consulate General
Consul General: Mr. Marc Finaud
Adr. Ext. :St. Martins Tower - 31 Market Street - Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: [612] 926 157 79 - 926 159 31
Fax: [612] 928 312 10

Mauritius, Port Louis Embassy
Ambassador: His Excellency. M. Henri VIGNAL Henri VIGNAL
Adr. Ext. :14 rue Saint-Georges
Tel: [230] 20 20 100
Fax: [230] 20 20 140

Cyprus, Nicosia Embassy
Ambassador: His Excellency.Mr. Jacques Depaigne
Adr. Ext. :6 Ploutarchou street - PO Box 1671 - Nicosia Engonomi
Tel: [357] (22) 77 99 10 (13)
Fax: [357] (22) 78 10 52
Greece, Athens Embassy
Ambassador: His Excellency. M. Jean-Maurice Ripert
Adr. Ext. :7 Leoforos Vassilissis Sofias
Athens 10,671
Tel: [30] 2 10 339 10 00
Fax: [30] 2 10 339 10 09

Consulate General Consul General: Mr. Roland BLATMANN
Adr. Ext. :8 rue Mackenzie King - 54,622 Salonika
31 Tel: [30] 2 31 024 40 30 / 31
Fax: [30] 2 31 024 40 32

Seychelles, Victoria Embassy
Ambassador: His Excellency. M. Claude FAY
Adr. Ext. :Victoria House - BP 478 - Victoria (Mahé)
Tel: [248] 38 25 00
Fax: [248] 38 25 10

Fiji, Suva Embassy
Ambassador: His Excellency. M.Jean Pierre VIDON
Adr. Ext. :Dominion House - Scott Street - 7th Floor
Tel: [679] 331 22 33
Fax: [679] 330 18 94

Sri Lanka, Colombo Embassy
Ambassador: His Excellency. Mme Marie-France Pagnier
Adr. Ext. : 89 Rosmead Place - PO Box 880 - Colombo 7
Tel: [94] (1) 69 97 50 (or 52) - 69 88 15
Fax: [94] (1) 69 90 39 - 67 73 74

Mexico City Embassy
Ambassador: His Excellency.Mr. Philippe Faure
Adr. Ext. :Campos Eliseos 339 - 11560 Mexico DF
Tel: [52] (55) 91 71 97 00
Fax: [52] (55) 91 71 97 03

Mexico, Consulate General
Consul General: Mr. Jean-Marie MARTINEL
Adr. Ext. :Rue La Fontaine 32 - CP 11560 - Mexico DF
Tel: [52] (55) 91 71 98 40
Fax: [52] (55) 91 71 98 56

New Zealand, Wellington Embassy
Ambassador: His Excellency. Mr. Jacky MUSNIER
Adr. Ext. :Rural Bank Building - 13th Floor - 34/42 Manners Street - PO Box 11-343
Tel: [64] (4) 384 25 55
Fax: [64] (4) 384 25 77
URL: Video:Our Wedding, Around-The-World Honeymoon Video

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Gretna Green (Scotland)

Getting Married In Gretna Green (Scotland)

Gretna Green, Scotland, is over 250 years one of the most dedicated romantic unions, and one of the first wedding destinations in the world, almost as famous as Las Vegas.
Indeed, the Scots are friendly people, including the hospitality and openness are further proof, even regarding the institution of marriage.
Traditionally, Scotland, a man and a woman aged at least 16 years could marry.In England, such marriages were banned by a decree of parliament in 1745: As a result, many couples fled to come get married in Scotland.
However, Gretna Green was the first post-relay after the border on the main road going from London to Edinburgh.

That's how Gretna Green became the romantic ideal place to get married in complete freedom. The ceremonies were often performed by a blacksmith priest ", and that for over 100 years.
In 1857, another law has forced spouses to live 21 days before the wedding in the city where they wanted to unite.Then in 1940, Parliament has intervened again to outlaw "priests blacksmiths" and ruled that marriages are celebrated by a religious authority, and a civil authority approved.
However, unions have continued to romantic Gretna Green. Today, the law no longer requires any certification for residential marriage in Scotland, no parental consent for couples aged 16 and over (unlike the regulations of many other countries).
Thus, Gretna Green continues to attract thousands of couples worldwide.
the publication of banns
Legal provisions concerning the recognition in France of a marriage before a foreign authority include the publication of banns: Under the law, a marriage celebrated abroad must be preceded by the publication under Article 63 of the Code Civil and spouses must meet the conditions for marriage under Article 170 of the Code.The publication of banns is a legal obligation that is imposed on the officer consular as his counterpart communal.
The spouses residing in France or abroad, will have at least 2 months before the scheduled date of marriage in Gretna Green, send their complete file at the Consulate General of France in Edinburgh who will make the publication of banns.The post then send a requisition of publication "Mayor Consul or your place of residence. After expiry of the statutory period, they return a "certificate of publication and no opposition.These formalities are completed, a "certificate of marriage" is established and given to spouses so that they can provide proof of their marriage under our law.This period of two months is necessary to enable the processing of applications for publication and to allow the time display (10 days in each town hall) and timely delivery of mail. No record of publication can be treated without respect of that period.

Attention, in the absence of publication of banns, the officer consular will have before it a request for a transcript of marriage, but it has been given to the publication, to transcribe the office 'marriage on its records.However, a certified copy of the transcript can be addressed by the Consulate to the public prosecutor with the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Nantes, which will assess whether this marriage is tainted or not the defect hiding.The risk of subsequent annulment of marriage is not excluded.In addition, a priority in the processing of cases will be given to those who have already been a publication of banns.
Documents to send to the Consulate prior to marriage
Your file to send at least two months before the scheduled date of marriage, should contain:

- A letter signed and dated by the spouses requesting the publication of banns.You can specify a date of marriage (even approximate), your profession, your phone number, fax and e-mail possibly

- A copy of the birth of each future husband (copy certified by the Municipality of birth, older than 6 months)
- Photocopy of national identity cards or the French original certificate of French nationality, which will be returned (no passport)

- In case of divorce or widowhood, a copy of divorce (unnecessary if the mention of divorce is affixed on the birth certificate), or the death of the previous spouse,

- A proof of residence marriage (invoices, receipts or proof of residence issued by the municipality or registration certificate issued by the consulates)

- The (s) act (s) of birth of the child that you had (s) together before marriage at Gretna Green,

- A notary certificate, if you've spent a marriage contract.
Get a book of family and marriage French (Transcript)
Following the publication of banns, the Consulate in Edinburgh is already in possession of your file.You will then submit the original copy of the marriage official registered by the Scottish Gretna Registration Office.

The Consulate transcribe your marriage on French consular records, and you ship directly to your home a family book and certified copies of your marriage. Un délai d'environ trois mois est à prévoir pour cet envoi. A period of about three months is expected for this shipment.

However, under Article 47 of the French Civil Code ( "Any act of the civil status of French and foreign, done in foreign countries shall prevail if it was written in the forms used in that country.) you are considered married at the time of marriage specified in the marriage of Scotland. Any religious marriage in France is now possible.
Getting married religiously in Scotland, Gretna Green
Two possibilities for future married:
Gretna Green Wedding proposes a pack included to simplify the task of spouses: This pack includes Ceremony (Go, officials for the celebration, and the witnesses if necessary), the two nights accommodation in a castle or hotel near Gretna Green, the carriages and horses (or the classic Rolls-Royce) which will transport the bride and groom to the ceremony and then return, a Scottish bagpipe player who plays for the arrival of spouses, and Professional photographer (Photos, album, ...).The price of this package is around £ 1800 (The guests are possible at the expense of married).
For further information:
You can also organize your wedding a la carte: Absolutely all services are offered on the spot, and one person in Gretna Green helps you to organize your ceremony.

In any case, the next steps will be as follows (costs are theoretically understood for Marriage Pack):
Choose the date of marriage.
Gretna Green Contact:
Gretna Green re-contact prospective married to availability according to their choice;
The future newlyweds choose Officials according to the list received.
Gretna Weddings, wedding Houx . Gretna Green reserve the date and time chosen for 2 weeks, pending a settlement (by check payable to Gretna Weddings to be sent to: Gretna Weddings, wedding Houx
101A, Central Avenue, Gretna, Dumfriesshire
DG16 5DB, Scotland, UK,
by credit card by calling 01461 337971) around £ 300
(Appointments, administrative expenses, and witnesses).
Gretna Registration Office (Miss Chandler), Central Avenue, Gretna Dumfriesshire DG16 5AQ, Scotland, UK ; 01461-337648 (tél.). . The future newlyweds come into contact with the registrar of Gretna to the legal requirements for marriage: Gretna Registration Office (Miss Chandler), Central Avenue, Gretna Dumfriesshire DG16 5AQ, Scotland, UK; 01461-337648 (tel.) .
.The married must complete Form M10, which will include, in addition, the following information: The selected location of marriage ( "Gretna Hall Blacksmiths" or "Old Blacksmith's Shop") and the name of the chosen official.
Gretna Registration Office, . The marriage must return the completed Form M10 to: Gretna Registration Office,
Central Avenue, Gretna Dumfriesshire DG16 5AQ
Scotland, UK. Scotland, UK.
This form must be returned no earlier than 3 months before the ceremony, and no later than 15 days before the ceremony, accompanied by a check for £ 50 payable to the Registrar.
The newlyweds recover, the Registry of Gretna, the program of their marriage, within 7 days before the marriage or the day of the marriage (Beware, the Gretna Registration Office is closed on Sunday and Monday).After validated, the future newlyweds return the program of their marriage in Gretna Registration Office within 3 days previous marriage, or call directly to the Official just before marriage.

For further information and documentation: Video:Our Wedding In Gretna Green Pt1

Our Wedding In Gretna Green Pt2

Our Wedding In Gretna Green Pt3

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Re-marriage in church

Re-marriage in church

With the participation of the Community of Parishes Gambsheim-Kilstett.
More and more people are now asking the church for a blessing alliances because they are divorced and can not remarry in church.Indeed, even if this protocol is not a religious marriage is the only religious ceremony possible for divorced people who, during a remarriage, wants a new "transition" to the church.
To try to resolve problems at source, the Catholic Church looks with concern and compassion on couples seeking in check if there were objective reasons prior to marriage that could have prevented a real commitment of spouses and sacramental, consequently, the very existence of the sacrament of marriage.The Church has no power over marriage valid, which is a sacrament, however, it has the right and duty to see his disability, so the "nullity", which means not having the sacramental bond from the beginning, of course, in very specific cases and proven.

This practice is not new, but nowadays has expanded with a new psychological approach, is a source of hope for many couples fail to have the feeling that merits their marriage could not not be valid and had not succeeded despite their goodwill and their efforts.
This procedure has the shape of a trial, but, unlike a civil trial, it is on file, ie without the meeting of the parties before the judges.Indeed, this is not the person of ex-spouses who are called into question but the existence of sacramental bond that has united. As a result, fears often expressed by the plaintiffs not to stir the past are unfounded.

The procedural steps:
When one spouse has the feeling that her marriage may be declared invalid, it contacted the official diocesan (a church that takes care), the applicant. The court is:
- The venue of the celebration of marriage
- The home of the defendant (the Joint Non-applicant)
- The home of the applicant.
The applicant shall contact the official who directs possibly to a church lawyer.Then, it sends a label (the letter or memory), which outlines the reasons for his request.The procedure takes between 12-18 months into two mandatory. All fixed costs (including counsel) are set at 300 € in the first instance and 100 € on appeal.If problems should be addressed to the Archbishop.

1 - The investigation of the cause:
When the application is accepted and the reason for invalidity retained an auditor conducts the official hearing of the plaintiff, the defendant (later) and their witnesses.
2 - The discussion of the case:
Given the record thus constituted, the lawyer (if any) prepares the pleadings, giving the arguments in favor of nullity of marriage.Meanwhile, or immediately after the conclusion of the investigation (without lawyer), the defender of the link made his comments in favor of the marriage bond.
3 - Decision:
The file is then given to judges who, after having studied individually and gave their opinion, meet together to make the decision.This decision, even if it is yes should be confirmed or refuted by the official 2nd instance.
And ratified the sentence becomes final.If the parties feel aggrieved by the decision they can appeal.

The speakers of the official:

- The Official
Also known as judicial vicar is a priest representing the bishop, responsible for examining applications and to respect the right of people in the diocese.
- Judges diocesan
Together with the Official diocesan and the court must rule on cases that are presented.
- Supporters of the link
Exercising the Crown and are responsible to make the case for marriage.
- Listeners
Its objective is to investigate the causes and receive evidence from those involved and their witnesses.
- Lawyers church
Can guide and assist the parties in their approach throughout the proceedings.
- The notary
Responsible for the shape of the procedure, certify the authenticity of documents and compliance records.
Outside the Official, which is necessarily priest, the others can be priests or laity, who are trained and recognized by the bishop.
The defects of consent:

1 - Disabilities
- The lack of discernment.
Indeed, spouses, by marrying, must not only know what marriage but should be able each to carry out this particular marriage contract they want personally.
But this discernment may be disrupted by a serious defect of reason, or a serious deterioration of the will. The flaw concerns the subject of consent.
- The inability to assume the essential obligations of marriage.
Here is the ability of the subject itself is questioned. Also, some people may consent to marriage, but for reasons of psychological nature, be unable to fulfill the commitments they make.
2 - Other reasons
- The mistaken identity:
This is the case of a spouse is revealing quite different after marriage.
- The error on a quality of the person:
The nullity of marriage can not be recognized here that if there is evidence that the quality was lacking in the essential spirit of the contractor.
- Fraud:
There fraud when an element of the life of one of the contractors is deliberately hidden.
- La simulation : - Simulation:
This simulation can be total (the contractor accepts the marriage for reasons other than the Sacrament).It may also be partial (the contractor's firm intention not to fulfill any of the essential obligations of marriage).
- Exclusions:
- Exclusion of the unity of marriage.This applies to people marrying with the clear intention of not respecting marital fidelity.
- Exclusion of procreation.When there is a total and definitive rejection of procreation.
- Exclusion of indissolubility. It is totally reject the life of the marital bond.
- Marriage conditional:
Marriage is then attached a condition on the past, the present or the future.
- Violence or the fear:
One of the contractors are faced with such a pressure that is forced marriage.

If you think you find in one case described above, do not neglect this opportunity and please contact your parish priest or directly from your official Diocese. Video:CHRISTIAN DIVORCE & RE-MARRIAGE [pt_1]

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Who pays what?

Who pays what?

Formerly it was customary for parents of the girl bear all expenses, costs for marriage today are generally divided and need to manage as follows:
The bride and her family:

The dress,
The toilet of the bride and all accessories,
The holding of the procession of children,
The location of the vehicle transporting the bride,
The trousseau of the bride,
The floral decoration.

The bridegroom and his family:

The holding of married
The bouquet of the bride and children's parade,
Honeymoon, and possibly the gift
the bride at the wedding (the bride basket).


The reception,
The religious ceremony,
The announcements,
The photographer,
LGifts possible witnesses, costs may
a marriage contract and all other costs ... Video:Dr. Gary Chapman on The Marriage You've Always Wanted

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