Thursday, December 11, 2008

An exhibition brings these princely wedding

An exhibition brings these princely wedding

It's in the same room where lunch was held that followed the marriage and the exhibition stands. It finds such sketches of designer Norman Hartnell gowns for the bride, his mother, his grandmother and maid of honor.
Highlight of the show: the wedding dress in ivory silk decorated with garlands of flowers in 10,000 crystals and pearls, inspired by the "Spring" by Boticelli, with a train of almost four meters chosen by a tiara of diamonds.Everything is up shoes satin and silk reproduction of the cascade bouquet of orchids!
A princely marriage, royal gifts: the young couple had received two thousand five hundred, including jewelry exceptional: for example the tiara "Girls of Great Britain" offered to Queen Mary for her marriage in 1893, the spindle containing Williamson the purest in the world pink diamond or diamond bracelet designed by the bridegroom to his bride.Mahatma Gandhi, Pope Pius XII and
contributions ...
Many less prestigious gifts are not exposed, and for good reason: a radio, a sewing machine, 38 handbags, 24 pairs of gloves, towels and 500 boxes of canned pineapple and other foodstuffs had been redistributed to hospitals, schools and charities while in the aftermath of the war, rationing was still in force.
Nov 20 1947: Princess Elizabeth, then aged 21, wife of Lt. Philip Mountbatten Royal Navy. Sixty years later, the Buckingham Palace brings visitors behind the scenes of this event, followed live on radio by millions of people.


tropang_quickpick said...

The pictures are beautiful! Your blog gave me an idea of a very classy, elegant wedding. It also gave me the idea of how expensive weddings like these cost. Well, if it is as beautiful as these, it must be worth every penny spent!

Jingle said...

very good pictures about the wedding ceremony as this is a special day for every one so now m thinking about to have such a special day in this beautiful mode.

David said...

Wedding by itself is a costly ceremony. Everything costs more including jewelery, costumes, souvenir, and the list goes on. The information here in your article clearly depicts that.
Very well written and the gallery of images were amazing.
Thanks for sharing.

Jenn said...

WOW now that is a wedding dress train! Beautiful!!


Appealing Wedding Bands said...

Diamond bracelet and jewelry is exceptional. Nothing about diamond carat of wedding band or engagement ring.

Sruti said...

I want to use Silk Orchids for a wedding decoration. Have anyone done this. Does it look odd. Not sure if people can make it out and if it looks cheap. Please let me know your suggestions.


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