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Medieval Wedding

Medieval Wedding

Before anything else, a medieval marriage must be scheduled around a scenario and different events taking place during the evening.However, scenario does not mean "precise timing" and certainly not "planning fully known by the married."A touch of improvisation and flexibility in the conduct of activities will allow the surprise new husband, who must first be amazed.

If you choose a specialized organization, which is strongly advised given the magnitude of such a task, it will ensure that the day of your wedding, you can quietly enjoy the moment without having to think about boustifaille, or the quality of the show. With their speak in old French and their period costumes, the hosts will make you relive the past as if you were there.

Please note that before becoming a fan of medieval life, it is better to have some knowledge that you will be notified in advance: The life of knights, the language of the time, and dress-middle âge.Some existing titles you might also be a good relief.

Here are some ideas that you can breathe:


The ideal is to celebrate his wedding in a castle, if possible type castle, but a stone should also be able to do the trick ...
The trumpets may sound upon arrival of the first guests. The marriage may be greeted by a Count and Countess costume in court, representing the owners of the place. An orchestra of minstrels, dressed in medieval of course, can sing and play on period instruments, and a demonstration of court dances can be given.The married should be treated as guests and preferred brand.

Throughout the day, and also the evening, there may magic numbers, legends told, songs and activities: Music of troubadours and minstrels, medieval fighting, jugglers, magicians, witches, falconers, shooting the arc, cartoonists, all in medieval costumesEven the photographer, with a little persuasion, can be dressed in full regalia of time.

The menus will be presented on parchment and rolled closed with a stamp (or sticky wax).
To avoid being surprised, still throw a glance prior to the dishes that will be available to you: The medieval kitchen sometimes reserve some surprises in the uninitiated!
Will be offered ducks, hogs, poultry, pigs and other meat delicacies. Served braised, crust, in blocks or in stews, you can find cooking presentations and medieval.The roots and other vegetables can enhance the meat served. Then, the meal ends with traditionally strong cheese, bread cereals, and, finally, accompanying baskets of fruit, a dessert cake in the shape of old grimoire or cart.

Of course, if the original extreme scares you, nothing forbids you to refer you to a menu a little more classic, with dishes more familiar, but certainly less medieval.
For dry throat, vinasse and Cervoise flow like water.Drinks may be presented in barrels and served in mugs metal or wood.
You can also provide numerous alcohol and heady elixirs for the end of the banquet.

At the end of the meal and all the distractions of time, you can, thanks to Nostradamus, change century a finger snap, and the sound of the music, let you go to your modern dance era.

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