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The symbolic stones wedding rings

The symbolic stones wedding rings

Diamond: Innocence
It is the king of precious stones, he is considered the symbol of purity and peace.
(Associate in April)
Ruby: mutual love
There are different shades of red, is the cornerstone of the East par excellence.
(Associate in July)
The sapphire: wisdom
Blue, it calls for fidelity and hunting any hatred.
(associated in September)
The emerald: true love
Green, very fragile, is one of the most beautiful stones.
(associated in May)
Other meanings given to the stones:

Garnet: the constancy (associated with the month of January).
Amethyst: sincerity (associated with the month of February).
Sanguine: courage (associated with the month of March).
Perle: health and long life (associated with the month of June).
Sardoine: marital happiness (associated with the month of August).
Opal: Hope (associated in October).
Topaz: loyalty and friendship (associate in November).
Turquoise: happiness and love (associated with the month of December). Video:Symbolism and My Wedding Ring

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