Friday, October 3, 2008

Wedding Decoration Creations: frangipani flower and exotic menu

Wedding Decoration Creations: frangipani flower and exotic menu

An exotic theme wedding decoration that a smooth transport your guests under the tropical heat .... The shades of turquoise, green and yellow recall the brightness of sandy beaches and the Pacific Ocean.Bamboo mat and tropical foliage will be unavoidable this table decoration with exotic accents.While delicacy, a frangipani flower will be a mark-up of the finest for a table dotted with beads of water. To see the data sheet this flower here.
Tribute to raw materials of exotic countries,a wicker ball (on sale at table decoration) to be improvised as Pochon dragees to the delight of gourmands. transparency and Thursday will be the natural attributes of this presentation.All in harmony, the menu comes in a clever game of dried leaf weaving, you will find the explanation under instructions.
wicker-ball-exotic-wedding-decoration Video:Best Wedding Reception Table Decorations

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