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Burial life of boy / girl life before marriage

Burial life of boy / girl life before marriage

The purpose of this issue is not to give the hot spot town by town, which would be extremely complex, but to give you ideas and examples for the burial of life of a young boy or girl.
It seems impossible to standardize this event which remains unique to each group of friend (s) and function of the personality of the future newlyweds.
According to your many stories, here are two major trends that emerged about the organization of these last moments before marriage:
1) The classic Burials
In this case, the idea is mostly to spend a good evening before marriage, between girls or boys, anyway between.The last evening Pub, Restaurant, Billiards, Karaoke, Night "in single can have its charm.Moreover, nothing prevents groups "Girls" & "Boys" to meet in late evening to celebrate the end of celibacy.
Finally, the friend (s) of the future may married, each for their part, offer a gift to spouses (prepare a photo album with pictures and comments), or try to achieve their dreams (Bungee jumping , Parachute jump, ...).
A funeral life boy or girl may also take place a few days and organize a week-end integration of students: The last weekend in the campaign and unmarried friends, with rallies in nature, horse riding and other rural festivities, is a more difficult to organize but that meeting a success.
The choice of the formula is therefore free, but in these conventional burials, the key requirement is not really surprising future married, but their pleasure in showing their friendship and participating with them various activities to celebrate the end of their celibacy.

2) The special Burials

In this case, the idea is to surprise future married by making them do things they do not usually do, they will never re then, and without fear of ridicule will ask them often daring, sometimes at the limit of hazing before marriage: On one or more days in town, the sea, the countryside or in a park, will succeed wages and varied challenges to suffer and fall, extreme disguises in public, bungee jumping, sail, meeting Striptease, sports, ...

That is what several future married have already suffered:

The Costumes (with parade in restaurants, cafes, shops, on boulevards, ...):

Disguise girl with garter and veil on her head,
maquillage, couette, petite robe, bébé ... makeup, bedding, little dress, baby ...
Fancy dress with T-shirt bearing a picture of immense future
conjoint. spouse.
Cow outfit, with pot of milk to drink to passersby.
To Disguise pig, a cafe and pay a person to
faire draguer. to be dredged.
To Disguise skier, snowshoeing and moving all day in the city.
Black leather outfit, to get on board a motorcycle
petit tour par un inconnu. ride by a stranger.

The Gages:

Learn a piece of play to give the reply to another
the evening when groups of girls to boys meet.
Get picture taken by a photographer and sign the
photo by passersby.
Get complete a certificate of virginity by a policeman in uniform.
Singing in the streets and make the race.
Bring several objects, sometimes unusual: A finding of accident
a small spoon, a garter, a can opener, a key, with a ...
Small grants for rare objects.
Taking a walk in the street with a T-shirt bearing the image of the future
spouse and have it signed to many people as possible.
Write a song about her future spouse and sing at
Meeting girls and boys.
Being dressed in fluorescent, and make a bungee jumping to the Fair Throne.
In the restaurant, eat the menu in reverse, starting with coffee and
Ask questions bitches to people of the opposite sex,
croisées au hasard dans la rue. cross at random on the street.
Flying (with the discreet complicity of the establishment) an object in a
take part of a pledge).
Bear the onslaught of a Strippers or a stripper in
a specialized institution.
Have blindfolded all day in a theme park, then make a parachute jump, the banner was removed just before jumping in a vacuum.
Confessing his mistakes and write youth on a large sign,plus then walked in the street, shouting "I do most beautiful". ever ".
Getting around all day in the streets, shops and cafes sitting on a balloon jumper.
Singing "The lollipops to anise" at a candy merchant, for
se faire offrir une sucette. be offered a pacifier.Make each a mutually eat yogurt to another future husband,blindfolded with both, then find the earliest possible people in the streets to wipe their mouth.
Sell canned sardines on a beach.Winning a contest of the largest sand castle, the winner before photographer immortalizing the work, and the loser to
find a fire extinguisher or a watering can to destroy it.
Replace the staff of a restaurant and room service
pendant 15 à 20 minutes. for 15 to 20 minutes.Selling condoms in the city to finance part of when an condom is sold, a photocopy Image "very Catholic", a position-Kama Sutra.
Ask onto the recipe for eternal love (answers are varied and often very funny).
Married in disguise the rabbit to a target to "pin-Ball.Merge onto a bus of tourists and shouting "Welcome to Paris!.Give 1 / 4 hour to the girl to kiss 2 tons of
boys (+ calculator scales to support)Write to him across the street "Jerome I love you" with chalk. Video:Is it WRONG To Have Sex Before Marriage?

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